Keeping Care of Your Home

You’ve got lovely window blinds, shutters, curtains, sofas, kitchens, decor, etc. How do you keep it spotless? Clean? Brand new? It’s a pain, especially for our older audience who aren’t as flexible as they once were. So here’s a few tips we have for doing so. First and foremost, before you’ve started anything. You should […]

Choosing Window Blinds For Your Bathroom

Deciding on the right blinds for bathrooms is a tough decision to make sometimes. But the truth is, it can be much much easier if you do a bit of research. Like did you know practically any Roller blind or Vertical blind fabric can be used in a bathroom? They just add a Teflon coating and […]

Interior Shutters: The Latest Trend

Interior shutters are the latest trend to hit the world. Shutters are thought to have originated from France, where they’re used externally to provide complete sun blockout. You’ll spot them on the majority of houses in France, and often in a shade of blue. Well designers have come up with a new trend that is […]