Clean Your Bathroom In Less Than 30 Minutes!

Got some guest arriving in an hour, but your bathroom is a mess? There’s a quicker way to do things. In fact, you can clean your bathroom in less than 30 minutes. Before you start, breathe and relax. Clear your mind and don’t rush. Instead, think of all the tools and cleaning equipment that you will need in accomplishing this chore.

Assemble all the cleaning materials that you will need. In this instance, you will only need the basic ones – gloves, all-purpose bathroom cleaner, sponge, trash bag, disinfectant, broom, map, toilet cleaner, toilet brush and scrubbers. Put them all together in one small pail so that you can easily carry them from one place to another. Don your gloves and set on cleaning the bathroom.

Start off with the Dirty Clothes. Pick up all the dirty clothes and put them away in the hamper. Do not get distracted with the items that come out of the pocket of your son. Just have them stashed away in the hamper for now and sort them out sometime soon or the next day when you do the laundry.

Pick up the trash, empty hair sprays and empty shampoo bottle. Put them away all in the trash can. If you have no bathroom tissue, be sure to take away the empty roll from the dispenser and put them in the trash, too. Put away the trash. After putting it away outside, clean the trash can by spraying with disinfectant. If you don’t have one, pour white vinegar into a spray bottle and spray all over the inside of the trash can. Let it soak for a while. While waiting for that, get the sponge.

Clean the Tub and Sink. Pour some disinfectant on the sponge and apply it on the tub and sink area. Remember that you are doing this to make the bathroom presentable to your guests. Cleaning it thoroughly may have to be accomplished later or the next day.  When this is accomplished, get the toilet brush.

Make a mixture of water and all-purpose cleaner on a small pail of water. Pour some on the side of the toilet bowl and brush away dirt. Repeat the same procedure on the inside of the toilet bowl, too. Afterwards, wipe the outside of the bowl with disinfectant.

Mirror. Now, you’re ready to clean the mirror. Get your glass cleaner and spray ample amounts on the mirror. If you ran out of glass cleaner, you can still make one. Get one cup of rubbing alcohol, one cup of water and one cup vinegar. Mix them in an empty and clean spray bottle.  Make sure to label it appropriately to avoid accidents and hazards. Spray it on the mirror, then wipe away with a clean cloth. Dry it with paper towel or old newspaper.

Collect all the items that don’t belong in the bathroom.  Refill items like bathroom tissue, soap and hand sanitizer. Then briefly sweep the floor of the bathroom. Take note to pick up hair strands that may have fallen on the floor. Get the trash can and wipe it with disinfectant.  Then, put a plastic trash bag inside to protect the inside of the trash can. Next time, you don’t have to clean the inside of the trash can. You can just get the trash and bring it out. After mopping the floor, you’re all done!