Hrrrthrrr DIY Rolling Rack

The very talented Hrrrthrrr over at tumblr posted this really cool diy rolling rack tutorial. It makes me think of a rolling rack for a Hollywood wardrobe. If you have no closet this would work as a great alternative. It would also work great when doing laundry, you’d have a place for your basket and to hang wet clothes. For only $50, I think this rolling rack would come in handy. Thanks for posting this tutorial Hrrrthrrr, check out her tumblr blog for some good music selections as well.

Loft conversion – DIY or professionals?

Turning your attic from a mere storage room to a useable one is undoubtedly the best way to add remarkable value to your home and increase its liveable space. The question to you homeowners is this: should you do it?

The cost of loft conversions is significantly cheaper than say, a full house extension or even relocation. It adds a surprisingly large value to your home (about 10 – 20%). Furthermore, you can convert your loft based on your needs. Many homeowners choose to convert their lofts to more useful spaces whether it be a gym, an extra bedroom, an entertainment room or other sorts of recreational space.

Lots of things have been made significantly easier by the massive information stored on the internet. People often make use of this information to start their very own do-it-yourself projects. Unfortunately, many of these projects do not succeed due to the homeowner’s lack of knowledge in some areas and in working with different sorts of materials.

DIY homeowners know exactly what they want with their conversion projects but they lack the appropriate amount of experience to execute what they want. An Interior designer however, understands the full picture and can envision exactly what the homeowner wants for their loft. They have more experience which makes the interior designer undoubtedly efficient in designing the conversion plans.

Some may prefer DIY because they can’t afford hiring someone to do it and can do everything step by step depending on the budget but hiring a professional may even help you to avoid costly mistakes since they know everything about it and are more knowledgeable when it comes to buying the right materials for the project.

Homeowners also doesn’t like the idea of interior designers butting into their supposed plans that’s why if you decide to hire a professional, you should see to it that both of you see eye to eye since you will be the one who will spend for it. DIY homeowners can sometimes benefit to the fact that they can accomplish it on their own schedules and can even make changes right away and won’t have to depend on other’s opinion and time.

Interior designers make use of their abilities and experience for the benefit of their employer. Their understanding of spatial layouts helps the homeowner achieve the look and design he may want. A homeowner may like to do the project in his own pace and comfort but interior designers saves you time and maximises that time for an excellent, detailed plan and execution of the project.

One of the advantages of DIY homeowners is having the time to bond with your family and sharing ideas on what to make of your project. Whilst interior designers has professional contacts which solves lots of your problems regarding the cheapest materials to use or the perfect design that you may not even realise you liked.

Overall, it all comes to preference. Doing loft conversion DIY style is an excellent choice. But if you want real quality, hire a professional. They’re way more proficient and efficient in doing the job. Chiswick loft specialists have hard earned experience backing them, they are able to provide you with superb results.

DIY Vs. Hiring an Interior Design Expert [Infographic]

Do-it-yourself projects have become easier to handle because Internet blogs (including ours) have become reliable resources for many homeowners. However, DIY projects often fail because some homeowners lack the knowledge working with different materials.

An interior designer understands spatial layouts and he or she knows how to envision a full picture. Meanwhile, a DIY homeowner knows what he or she exactly wants, but they lack the experience to focus their ideas quickly, which makes DIY interior designing a time consuming effort.

All these and more on this infographic.