Diy Projects

If you like to do DIY projects then this article is for you. There are a few ideas that you might like for the home.

diy projects

1. Pink Flamingo Globe

Here is the summer version of the famous Christmas snow globe!

To make it, first get a Mason jar, then find small plastic figurines that you will stick in the lid of the pot. You can find them in dollar stores or at the souvenir shop of a zoo.

Once your figurines are glued, fill your pot of water, screw the lid and turn everything over. Ta-dam!

2. Shaded tableware

Difficult to find beautiful kits of dishes for the summer that are not trivial? Why not make yours!

Get one, two or three cans of spray paint and paint the base of your dishes to create a shaded effect. Magnificent!

3. Cocktail Umbrellas

All you need is a small paper umbrella in your drink to make you feel like you’re on vacation.

You could buy the good old Chinese umbrellas, but they are too cute to not realize!

4. Washed beach towels

Do you have old beach towels that have lost some of their lusters over the years? Good news: a super simple DIY to give them a little punch!

Using stencils and a little bleach, make these zany phrases printed!